Ever been in a restaurant and waited too long for a waiter?
Most likely, you'll go to an other restaurant next time.
With HiThere, you can always notify a waiter at great ease.

Notification service

Customer expectations are extremely high nowadays and restaurants must offer top service to bind their customers. Good waiters seem to be key, but technology can help! HiThere offers an innovative service allowing your customers to kindly notify your waiters at great ease once they need service.

For restaurants and hotels

HiThere is the perfect solution for restaurants where waiters cannot easily oversee all tables. As well, HiThere will work great for hotels with meeting rooms where customers need to step out in order to get some drinks.

Where other technologies require complex infrastructures and substantial investments, HiThere is a low cost solution using off-the-shelf technology!

How does it work?

Tables (or rooms) are labeled with unique QR codes. Customers use their smartphone to scan this code after they can immediately order or ask for the bill. Your waiter will use a Dashboard running on a tablet at the bar to see the status per table at a glance, so he can approach the customers right away.

Logging is available to analyze notification frequencies and service times.

Unique QR code

We will provide you with a set of unique QR codes for each table and/or meeting room. The QR codes include a clear instruction to urge customers to scan the code if they need service.


Scan and select!

Customers use their own smartphone to scan this QR code. They will immediately see the options to place an order or to request the check.

Customers get immediate feedback after their choice and are ensured that they will be serviced soon!



Your waiters use a Dashboard to see which table and/or room requires service. They clearly see who is waiting for service and for how long, so they can set the right priorities at any time!



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